22nd November 2021

"Please sir, I want some more... From my Legacy System"

"Please sir, I want some more... From my Legacy System"

Maintaining legacy systems and legacy OS is a common ground across many companies. You feel that the system is working as expected and you see no reason to upgrade it. Maybe the cost to upgrade or even replace the system seems prohibitive. You may also believe that when the time comes, it can be easily replaced.

Do you want MORE from your legacy system... ? You can sweat your assets without replacing your current system. Speak to our experts today to find out more.

You don't have to replace your legacy system if you want your business to benefit from updated tech. By extending your legacy you can keep your current system in place, but bolster it with major improvements.

Do you want more:

  • Accurate, instant reporting?
  • Modern interface?
  • Agile tech?
  • System integration opportunities
  • Productive IT department and workforce?
  • Cost reductions?
  • Cybersecurity barriers?
  • Time spent working, not on patching?


Want to get more out of your legacy system? Speak to PSP about Legacy System Support & Modernisation


Extend the Legacy System

If your legacy application has clocked up a high mileage but still faithfully performs its core functions, you might not need to replace it.

An alternative is to enhance it by extending its capabilities and improving its ability to talk with other systems, particularly modern ones. For example, your legacy software may not support integration with third party software, which makes it harder for systems to share data and ensure high efficiency.

Trying to understand how to overcome the challenges of integrating your legacy system with newer technology can seem like a challenge. However by extending your systems, or using a solution such as an API to automate the process, you can integrate your systems without the need to take on a massive project.


Boost Staff Satisfaction and your IT team's Productivity

There are many other benefits extending your legacy system will provide you with. When you complete a legacy system modernisation, you are putting your organisation in the right step for future digital improvements. The benefits on your workforce is great, too. As well as staff retention improving, once your staff see the benefits to the changes, they will be open to more digital advances within the company.

As well as all this, you’ll be freeing up considerable workload for your IT team. A recent report claimed engineers spend a third of their time maintaining legacy systems, with half of this allocation going towards addressing technical debt.

When you free up time for your IT team, they can spend the lion’s share of their time and expertise in actively analysing and reviewing your IT infrastructure, looking for new ways of growth and innovation. These benefits may not seem like a big deal in the short term at first, however the long-term benefits can see huge success for your organisation.


Legacy System Support You Can Trust

Looking to jazz up, replace, or simply maintain your legacy system? PSP has provided legacy system support to major chartered institutes and large companies in manufacturing and production industries; just to name a few.

We are proven at taking over a legacy, jazzing it up and making all the components work together.

Find out more about bolt-ons here: https://www.psp-it.co.uk/blogs/supercharge-your-business-with-bolt-ons/

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