29th June 2023

Unleashing Efficiency: Rapid Development of Bespoke CRM

Unleashing Efficiency: Rapid Development of Bespoke CRM

Unleashing Efficiency: Rapid Development of Bespoke CRM

The biggest misconception businesses have about building a bespoke CRM is that they’re unaffordable and take too long to develop.

When a decision maker in a business believes this, they often go down the off-the-shelf route. They then end up with a CRM that doesn’t perform everything that they need, and spend months tweaking it; to then end up with something that took just as long to develop and was more expensive than the custom solution.

Research shows that businesses do not fully utilise most of the features in their CRM. So, you must ask yourself: is my business paying too much money on unused software?


Rapid Development Without Compromise


PSP has been developing custom CRMs for 15 years, and our clients are always impressed by the rapid deployment of their new system when combined with the rich functionality and usability of the CRM.

A quick turnaround time ensures you two things:

  1. Your CRM is deployed sooner (without compromise on quality or testing)
  2. Less development time means less cost

We build our client’s CRMs through our VISION platform, which allows for rapid customisation and enhancements. We can add modules and functionality with ease, meaning it can be easily adapted to meet the unique needs of your business and industry.

We can also strip out the functionality you don’t need, to stop you from overpaying for features that aren’t utilised and to help your teams focus solely on the IT they need.

If you want to bypass your IT team and extract accurate reports in seconds, we build bespoke reports for your system too.


Quick Turnaround Ensures ROI and Competitive Edge


Whether you’re building a system internally, or asking a third party to develop it for you, a quick turnaround without compromising on the final product is critical. One of the biggest aims of a custom CRM solution is to streamline various business processes, therefore the sooner your teams are using the CRM, the sooner your company will start optimising its operations.

A CRM can be aligned with your company’s goals to help you make informed data-based decisions, improve operational efficiency and enhance your customer experience.

A quick turnaround not only ensures your business achieves all this, but the comparatively low development hours bring down the development cost. This means you achieve optimum return on investment (ROI) as you’re getting a state-of-the-art system for less cost.


How We Achieve Such Quick Turnaround


Our entire business operations are managed through VISION; including company finances, business reporting and customer helpdesk support. It has been the result of 15 years’ worth of developing, fine-tuning and collaborating with company directors to build an application that easily performs a high number of tasks from administration to board level.

VISION is used by both large organisations with unique capabilities and SMEs who need a ready-to-use system with core functionality.

Because of this, even smaller businesses can utilise the same innovative technology that is used by global corporations at a very affordable cost.

We specifically built the platform so it can be easily customised and clients can pick and choose the features and functions they need. This means they only pay for the functionality they use; rather than buying a huge off-the-shelf system and only utilising half of its capabilities.

VISION’s core features and functions include:

  • Customer, Contact & Supplier Management
  • Sales, Purchasing & Financial Management
  • Telemarketing & Task Management
  • Time Sheet & Help Desk Management
  • Membership & Event Management
  • Project & Quality Management

We can deploy the system either on the cloud or on-premise (desktop-based); giving you the choice of how your CRM is hosted and accessed.


Case Study: NEBOSH Online Exam Marking


Qualification provider NEBOSH (National Examination Board for Occupational Safety & Health) were having challenges with managing their entire examination marking process through spreadsheets. The spreadsheets made it difficult to track the status of exam papers, see who was marking them and find late papers.

They also needed a way to digitalise their marking process so exams could be marked online and re-allocated to other examiners without having to be physically shipped.

They approached PSP for a solution for this and gave us a tight deadline because they wanted the web-based application to be deployed and their staff trained up before the exam period.

Building the application through VISION CRM meant we could develop the unique functionality quickly and easily integrate it with the system. The rapid deployment ensured their new online application was ready for the exam period and they saw improvements to their tracking process almost instantly.


Need CRM Advice?


PSP is a Microsoft Gold Partner with proven experience in developing CRM systems that improve business efficiency, automate tasks and give businesses a unique competitive edge.

For 15 years, we have built tailored applications for businesses across a range of industries including education, membership, manufacturing, horticulture, food, transport and logistics.

If you’re looking for help with a CRM project, speak to a member of our technical team: letstalk@psp-it.co.uk or phone 01775 722377.

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