EPiServer CMS and Development

Why EPiServer CMS?

EPiServer CMS and Development
EPiServer CMS and Development

For organisations using EPiServer, PSP-IT offers support and maintenance services to ensure the best Return on Investment from your multi-platform Content Management System.

Whether you need full development capabilities or just a virtual team member to support your inhouse multi-platform content and marketing campaigns, PSP can help. We can set up and manage your website on an ongoing basis; developing, testing, adding functionality and supporting brand and content changes across a range of specialisms.

EPiServer is designed to support content and commerce across a multi-platform digital marketing environment. It uses predictive analytics to aid content creation and personalisation and has a range of capabilities aimed at a global marketplace including multilingual,  E-commerce and personalisation functionality.


PSP-IT works with you, exploiting the capabilities of EPiServer, to ensure your multi-platform web presence is a highly targeted, commerce driven business tool.
Whether you need full development capabilities or a virtual team member to guide and support your inhouse development, PSP-IT is a trusted development partner with many years of experience in EPiServer development.

Some of EPiServer's many capabilities include;

  • User friendly interface
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Website analytics
  • Global languages applications
  • Manage multiple websites
  • Secure online transactions
  • Responsive and adaptive design
  • Personalised content marketing
  • Integrated with all social media platforms
  • Your own online community
  • Provision of workflows, news and RSS feeds
  • Modular application development
  • Scalability using .Net technology


PSP can help you install, develop, upgrade or maintain one or more of the following modules:

  • EPiServer CMS
  • EPiServer Composer
  • EPiServer Connect
  • EPiServer Commerce
  • EPiServer Mail
  • EPiServer MobilePack
  • EPiServer Create
  • EPiServer CMO
  • EPiServer Relate

We will work with your resource and budget to deliver the best ROI on your EPiServer CMS.

PSP's Expertise

PSP-IT's experience as an EPiServer Associated Partner means we are the ideal partners for your EPiServer CMS developed website. 

We were delighted to recently finalise the complete upgrade of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) website, www.cips.org, launched in 2018.  This is a large, complex e-commerce website with many extra features such as password protected networking and member area, membership joining and renewal services, event database and CIPS Professional Register database and search facility.  

Read more about this EPiServer CMS developed website here;


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