Grow Your Business, Not Your Cost

Like any plant, the key to growing your business is establishing your roots in the right foundation and keeping them perfectly nurtured.

PSP’s custom nursery software automates all your time-consuming tasks for your staff. This means, the system automates manual tasks, maximising your staff’s productivity and their value-added activity to the business.

You will save money from:

  • Reduction in human error
  • Time saved on laborious or duplicate tasks
  • More productive staff
  • Streamlined operations
  • Improved customer service

Grow Your Business, Not Your Cost
Turn Time-Consuming Tasks Into One-Click Processes

Turn Time-Consuming Tasks Into One-Click Processes

PSP has experience developing custom horticulture software that gives nurseries and horticultural companies total control.

From the easy-to-use system, users can cut through the noise and seamlessly manage their operations, sales, stock and production planning all from one place.

With bespoke horticulture software from PSP, you are in total control of all our business processes. Because of our knowledge of the horticulture industry, we have developed a system that is streamlined and easy to use for your staff.

Oversee Your Fleet From One Dashboard

When dealing with the shipping of your plants, produce and horticulture, keeping costs down is vital. Be one step ahead of your competitors with the most cost-effective way to plan and deliver your shipment.

From lorry capacity to driver availability, you need a full view of your entire shipping operations. With PSP's custom software, you can automate the calculation of lorry space, delivery cost and manage your fleet from one dashboard.

With this easy-to-use software, you can ensure deliveries are never missed, lorry space is maximised and you save cost on shipping. Used by a large UK nursery for several years, the intuitive software is proven to reduce cost and modernise the shipping processes.

Oversee Your Fleet From One Dashboard
From Seed To Sale

From Seed To Sale

The software is designed to scale up your operations; from your initial planting stage, all the way through to delivering your products into the hands of your customers.

For more than a decade, PSP has worked closely with industry experts, using the latest in modern technology to help nurseries improve their operations and lower their costs across each stage of the growing journey.

Ensure Compliance

Agricultural businesses must comply with strict horticultural quality regulations. Through the use of PSP's deep industry knowledge and development experience, we can help you stay on top of auditing, business data, custom reports and workplace policies to ensure your business stays compliant.

Ensure Compliance
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