Integration Testing

We Make Sure Your Pieces Fit

For an application to work, it needs to be able to share data between databases and third-party apps. These include Mailchimp, Sage, Google Analytics, Microsoft SharePoint and many more.

At PSP, we offer integration testing services where we test individual modules with the entire solution. This is to make sure your entire system works smoothly and uninterrupted. We test multiple scenarios related to data storage and sharing, user roles and APIs to make sure the individual components work as intended and integrate without faults.

We deliver integration testing for websites, mobile, and desktop applications for SMEs and global enterprises.

We Make Sure Your Pieces Fit
Assure Best User Experience

Assure Best User Experience

Using integration testing methods, we check your software and prevent unpredictable system failures, bugs and unexpected errors. All this helps to ensure a positive experience for your users.

For example, your company’s CRM might integrate with Microsoft Outlook so staff can send invoices straight from their email address straight from the system. It’s the role of a QA to make sure the system shares the correct data with Outlook securely.

API Testing

With 14+ years of experience in software testing, our team of QAs are experts in using the very latest techniques and tools. We use tools such as Postman to automate and perform end-to-end API tests that check performance and functionality.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) play a key role in software development by transferring data between separate systems and applications. With API testing, once the logic has been created, the tests can be executed straight away to certify the API is transferring the right information and data.

While UI (user interface) testing tells us where there is a problem with the user-facing part of the application, the API test can indicate exactly where the problem is. They are also substantially quicker to execute and can be automated to speed up the process.

API Testing
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