Manual And Automated Testing

Innovative Test Automation

PSP utilises test automation tools such as Postman and Cucumber to deliver cost-effective automated tests that improve your test accuracy and lets you release software faster- giving you a competitive advantage.

Our experienced quality assurance experts will provide test automation techniques only when they see genuine added value to your process. We will define a unique automated testing strategy for your organisation, system or project that aims to boost your confidence and testing abilities for future software changes.

Innovative Test Automation
Improve Your Efficiency

Improve Your Efficiency

By using test automation tools, we can automate a large chunk of your software testing process. This process is most effective when you're looking to speed up repetitive tests, such as regression testing, or if you want to ensure 100% accuracy.

We believe that software testing should cover all bases. By merging the user-focused approach of manual testing with test automation, your quality and test process will benefit from the skill of a trained automation engineer with the attention to detail of a trained software tester.

PSP's outsourced software testing service can be deployed across multiple platforms and devices, including mobile and desktop applications, as well as cloud and web apps.

Accelerate Your QA Process

With our test automation services, not only do we help you deliver quality software faster, we also aid in accomplishing key business goals such as:

  • Quicker releases
  • Improved user experience
  • Reduced testing time by up to 99%
  • Expanded test coverage
  • Achieve higher level of quality while minimising cost of quality and test

Accelerate Your QA Process
User-Focused Check of Your Software

User-Focused Check of Your Software

One of the types of testing we execute manually is user testing. This is because we want to use your software as if we were your end-user. Performing manual user testing helps us to see the software in the eyes of your users, enabling us to identify pain points or parts of the process which can be streamlined to improve your user experience.


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