Outsourced CTO Service

Unrivalled Knowledge That Lifts Your Organisation

PSP’s Outsourced CTO service is the final piece of your business jigsaw. We bridge the gap between your directors and the technical team, translating board-level requirements into a strategic and structured roadmap for your technical teams to follow.

Agile CTO as a Service is a cost-effective way to consolidate the full-time CTO role into part-time hours that work for your organisation.

Our flexible CTO service is a great solution for when you have found disparities between your board and your tech teams; or if you want to benefit from the unrivalled knowledge of an IT director without the full-time cost.

Unrivalled Knowledge That Lifts Your Organisation
Planning, Strategising, Communicating

Planning, Strategising, Communicating

The key objective of an outsourced CTO is to maintain control over the organisation’s whole IT workflow and ensure your technology stack is aligned with your business goals. We continuously analyse your current IT set-up and use our deep knowledge of modern technologies to guide your organisation through a robust digital transformation.

We aid in decision-making at the stakeholder level of your business; advising your board of directors on where your technology should be headed based on your business goals. We take a look at every aspect of your technology (including infrastructure, teams and security) and make a future-proof plan for your tech teams to follow in the years ahead.

Having a director-level professional sitting at the top of your technology teams, your business will see significant improvement in communication between your board and your IT teams. Acting as a conduit of information, we ensure information passed between directors and development teams is translated into a language that is fully understood by all parties.

20 Years Experience

The biggest argument for outsourcing at CTO level is the fact you have access to a professional with real-life experience and a clear picture of modern technology. They will give you a thorough and objective view of your entire IT infrastructure.

As part of the service. we will provide you with:

  • In-depth advice on the latest technology at the stakeholder level to guide the decision-making process
  • Plan your IT budgets, and identify ways to cut costs
  • Create a clear, structured roadmap for your development and IT teams. This is created based on your long-term business objectives
  • Assist and lead in the IT recruitment process; using our detailed knowledge to select the best talent
  • Oversee and handle all your technology teams within the company
  • Plan your business continuity and disaster recovery strategies
  • Identify risks within your current set-up and define risk-reducing operations

20 Years Experience
Transform Your Business Culture

Transform Your Business Culture

Today, most businesses prefer CTO outsourcing because the outside perspective provides a fresh approach to their business.

Through our CTO-level management service, we create the perfect culture for your business that embraces digital change and truly understands the vital role technology plays in enabling the business to grow.

As well as combining their technical knowledge with the ability to strategise, outsourced CTOs have the right communication skills to bring teams together from across the company.

By having our CTO within your management team, your company will have the skills and resources to future-proof your tech and adapt to fresh business challenges.

Flexible Resource, Control Cost, Deliver Results

We have a proven track record working within a range of industries, including government bodies, chartered institutes, education, independent schools, state schools, membership and manufacturing.

Our flexible resource means your organisation can utilise the expertise and knowledge of a qualified CTO on a part-time basis that suits you. Not only does this mean you can bring in excellent resources, but it’s also substantially less than hiring a full-time position.

Our specialist IT management support is centred around controlling your IT cost and maximising value from your IT spending.

From outsourcing through PSP, your business will achieve reduced operating costs and a future-proof IT strategy that will guide your business through its long-term plan and objectives.

Flexible Resource, Control Cost, Deliver Results
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