Website Integration

What Is Website Integration?

Your website plays an important part of your wider digital infrastructure. Through our website integration services, you can add third-party apps and plugins to your site, as well as link up your website with your back-office systems. By integrating your website with your business systems, you can reduce manual effort and deliver an enhanced user experience for your site visitors.

For the past 15 years, PSP has been delivering both software integration and website integration projects to different businesses to enable their business platforms to share data and information.

Benefits of Website Integration

System integration projects require specialist knowledge because of their complexities. Despite this, it can be a very rewarding project:

  • Greatly improved customer service
  • Fast response times from sales and support teams
  • Automation allows you to handle larger volumes of business
  • Reduced costs in the medium and long term
  • Improved accuracy: two systems accessing the same data means less chance of data error
  • Third-party integrations will enhance your site in multiple ways and improve user experience

What Can Be Linked To A Website?

Your website is probably already integrated with a content management system (CMS) that allows you to make content changes to your site without the need for any code. However, the capabilities of a CMS are very limited compared to what can be achieved through website integration.

There are a number of different tools and plug-ins that can be connected to a site to perform a whole range of functions. Below are some examples of the web integrations we have carried out at PSP:

Our Website integration Service

Back-Office Systems

Transfer data between your back-office systems and your website through our integration services. Data submitted by users on your website is automatically submitted into your CRM and other business processing software.

Events Management Software

PSP has developed events websites which pass information through to the events management software. The automation of administrative tasks free up a large amount of work for Events Managers and their teams.

Payment Gateways

As well as securely integrating payment gateways to multi-million pound ecommerce sites, we also have a team of business analysts who analyse your payment gateway needs, and a team of testers to ensure payment gateways are secure and work correctly.

Ecommerce Solutions & ERP

We can provide a variety of ecommerce website integrations, including linking your site to your ERP, shipping and order fulfilment software, email marketing (such as Mailchimp) and inventory management, to name a few.

Third-Party Apps

Integrate a whole host of third-party plug-ins and apps to your website through our web development team. Our previous work includes payment configurators, feedback plugins, web chats and ecommerce plug-ins.

Membership Management System

Our experience integrating websites with membership management software has allowed membership bodies to track member engagement and retention, incorporate tools such as venue finders and link up internal member records with their unique web portals.

Why Companies Choose PSP

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"PSP has been a superb company to work with"

"PSP has managed to freshen up the whole outlook of the business and has successfully created a website that is extremely user-friendly. The whole experience we have had with PSP from meeting staff to getting the website live has been superb. We are extremely pleased with how the website has been completed and will definitely recommend PSP to anyone looking to update or create a new website."

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