21st October 2020

Top 6 Benefits IT has on Your Students' Experiences

Top 6 Benefits IT has on Your Students' Experiences

Demands from students is ever-growing. From the initial enquiry to graduating, technology can play a massive part in providing the best student experience.

There's been a massive rise in online learning in 2020 as more awarding bodies have embraced technology to maintain a high student experience in challenging circumstances.


What can be done?

Chatbots are taking over

Chatbots are software that mimic the human language to construct a conversation with the end-user. The use of a chatbot can play a pivotal role in building relationships and trust with customers. They can be used to answer FAQs or deal with general queries.



A CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) manages the day-to-day operations of a business. Higher learning institutions adopt and implement CRM systems to help attract, retain and serve their clients in the best possible way.

A CRM lets you manage the complete student lifecycle from one single platform so you can easily keep track of student details, such as:

  • Exam results
  • Course student is admitted to
  • Examination bookings
  • Academic documents

PSP has adapted its own VISION CRM system for education providers to provide online marking, competency assessments and a fully-functioning system which covers membership, finance, events and venue booking.

An LMS (Learning Management Software) is a tool used to create, manage and deliver course content. the importance of an LMS is major when you need to deliver standardised or consistent training across multiple locations.

It is also possible to integrate your CRM and LMS. This can play a huge part of an organisation’s success and provide greater benefits.

eMark is an automated assessment marking software that makes your working life easier - find out more here


Online learning

The latest technological advances make it easier than ever for lecturers to bring their classroom to students’ houses.

Whether it’s virtual lectures, online courses, or even peer-to-peer learning, technology provides multiple ways for awarding bodies to deliver high-quality course content remotely while saving time and money.


Online assessments

The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) run an online competency assessment for their worldwide members.

PSP-IT implemented an effective way for CIPS to manage assessments and analyse results to maintain their effective and efficient process. Click here to find out more.

Working alongside NEBOSH, PSP designed and developed eMark – a clever online tool that manages the entire assessment marking process. The software automatically distributes the papers electronically and tracks the progress of every exam. eMark reduces operational costs and improves the candidate experience.

Read all the benefits of eMark here - www.emarking.com


Avoid logistical nightmares

When students couldn’t sit exams in summer 2020, AAT approached PSP to implement a system which allowed for calculated results on their CMS. Within a very short time frame, PSP rolled out the new system which allowed results to flow from the CMS to the candidate’s online portal. Unsuccessful candidates received personalised vouchers which allowed them to book free resits. Read more here.

To alleviate the stresses of booking multiple venues for exams – PSP built an industry-leading system which cleverly booked exams in multiple venues across the globe. Read more about that here (link to venue management system article)

After being approached by a major awarding body, PSP considerably reduced manual work for their staff, while making huge improvements to their customer experience. Find out more here.



Mobile-friendly is a must. Students want to be able to book their membership, exams and online courses wherever they are, and stats reveal how important a fully optimised mobile website is. These stats will shock you.

Your site is also used to showcase your courses, qualifications and events. So it needs to be easy to navigate on every device.


Ready to make a step towards digital transformation?

There are many more creative and technical ways you can utilise technology to improve your candidate's experience.

PSP IT has over a decade of experience working with the largest institutes in the country, creating bespoke solutions to improve their processes.

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